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I cannot get off the fucking beach whichis a I'm deliriously this Manchus I stepon the beach to do soup to slow silentkiller oh three threes in heregood Morty what I said you seem sheeshit Music he sound killer just any message Austinsent me to help who's what he said OhioReapers friendlyhe was old do you remember who he waswith I was wanted yeah he was he was agood friend of mine basically a gardeneryou name this fall yeah I'm stuck in thefucking beach still I cannot knowall my weight against 1l walk out I'mgonna stain it imma staying here for acouple minutes but bigot and weirdo getmy food you should you shouldn't kickhim out and then I'll fuck him up he'sright here that's done that's callactually fucking corner sheJesus Christ yo he didyour house in the housethey're bothyousilentare you outside home anywhere coming outcoming outthey're all outside waiting holy fuckare you me get one more kill hereI agree they're all coming after me I'llnever be able a do I do I leave waitfucking copsthank you you don't think they knowyouwe open up and go listen anywayIthat what's going on here yeah we weregonna go outside and because she invitedprop it in how'd it go get foodlet's go sorry another another doinganythingmy response back like delirious then youshould send him care net no then she'dsend little screenshots of them snipingushey guys can you hear he just sent yousomething from the Bible what Medicus18:22yeah he just sent me the same thingwhat is it you fucking probably Googlethat shit and what's the best thing yousay what does it say I don't want you towant the one on one o'clockyeah see that joke's on youI really want to go for round two butwhatever you all want it is randomwhy's this fucking Lee's doing here knowwhat don't you love it he gets a 222right do not have sexual relations witha man as one does with a woman that isjust eats but no boudreaux's that Imight throw a nasty loogie on the wrongfoot Nast new translation do notpractice so much so I guess these arethese guys right here are no shoot no noshootingfalyse wanted to prep you want to sentit to balance and burger and I looked itupyes no not that patch says English youknow what the fuck I meantI thought booger at him I said I wonhe's the one carrying my booger on hispatch right nowlove is look the who love is love don'thate me because I'm beautiful what'sfunny is that you and bottle bow sentmessages at the same timeCoffee slippingI'll invite oh let me get thatit won't really feel good about itselfuntil these assholes came in here that'sbad powderpuff yes oh yeah thesepowderpuff ain't in goddamn shot ofwhiskey over he's not then a randomstock drink it all fucking whiskey youdrunk so Mitch random bought me some...